“I took private Hebrew lessons with Bito last year in order to prepare myself for a 1 year exchange program in Israel with the Israeli army. He is patient and a great teacher. I felt very much prepared once I arrived to Israel.”

Harold Lim – Officer, Singapore Army

“ What I admire about Bito as a teacher is his ability to focus the class on the fundamentals of a language. He is also well-versed in Hebrew culture, something which a good portion of students would be interested in as many people often pick up a new language out of interest in its origins. Bito is also a patient and encouraging teacher. I can say with certainty that the reason I am still continuing to study the language is because I know I will have a teacher who can help me along the way. ”

Joshua Lee (10/2016-2/2017)

“ I had a blast taking Basic Hebrew 1 – the classes were sufficiently challenging but our teacher made it very enjoyable without putting too much pressure on us! We had fun activities such as writing our own self-introduction and having a kosher food party. Overall, I gained a good foundation in Basic Hebrew that will allow me to further my own study. However, I will greatly recommend following THA in your Hebrew journey! ”

Zen Goh (10-12/17)

“ I had a wonderful time learning hebrew from Bito, he is very engaging and really put in effort to help our learning progress. The course is well tailored for first timer and the material is very practical. it’s definitely fun picking up hebrew through this course. ”

Xiao Yu (10-12/17))

“ When I decided to learn Hebrew, I started by having private lessons with Bito. Hebrew can be daunting but Bito has a good methodology for teaching it. You will be surprised at how much you can grasp from the first lesson. Lessons with Bito are intense but fun. He makes you curious to know the next chapter or lesson. After about five sessions, my progress was significant and I could read and write the texts. I have decided to join his weekly group classes because it would be great to practice speech interactions with other students. I am looking forward to the start of class next month! I am very happy learning Hebrew under Bito’s guidance, he is a good teacher and
genuinely helpful, because he wants you to learn the language in the best way. ”

Betty Susiarjo (1-5/17)

“ The whole Hebrew learning process was fun, intensive yet fulfilling. I’m now in Israel and am putting what I’ve learnt to good use. The Hebrew Academy would lay a good foundation for anyone who wish to read, write and speak the language. I am now capable of reading and recognising many words which is really important when staying in a foreign land or if you want to understand the bible a little more.”

Josephine Li (7/16- 11/16)

“ Hi friends, Truth be told, Hebrew basic 1 is slightly more difficult than learning Japanese 101, but with the help of the instructor Bito and some wonderful classmates, i never felt for a moment i couldn’t catch up. The pace is just right, if you faithfully do your homework every week. The unexpected addition of another instructor midway also gave the course added variety as we get to learn from different experiences, i learnt so much more than just the language. A well balanced course with good learning aids ,chances to practice speaking, unexpected movie outings and even ending off the course with popular Jewish food! Although slightly afraid to take on the next level, i’m sure i’ll receive every help along the way. They are friendly and have a passion for teaching Hebrew. ”

Rainer Tan (7/16- 11/16)

“ I signed up for the Basic 1 course to pick up basic communication skills for my upcoming trip to Israel. Learning a new language was daunting at first; however, through the Academy’s systematic teaching method, I was surprised by my own progress and delighted to find that I could speak, read and write by the end of 12 weeks! I cannot think of a better place to learn Hebrew. “

Cheryl Ho (5-8/16)

“ One of the most difficult thing to do in life is to start. The Hebrew Academy Basic Hebrew 1 pushed me from being excited about the idea of reading, writing and speaking Hebrew, to being excited about the process that one day I will be fluent in the language and be able to understand the Hebrew bible in its original language and to be totally connected to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to Israel. The class conducted is an intense roller-coaster ride, inspiring, challenging, eye opening and a great way to develop a firm foundation and understanding of the language. One of my favorite moment during the class is to watch the light bulb turn on in my mind as we put several sentences together for the first time and had to speak them. Treat yourself to a seat in Hebrew Academy and be inspired with Modern Hebrew if you are serious in learning the holy language. This course is well worth your time and energy. I am certain that you won’t regret. “

Eunice Ooi (10-12/2016)

“ It has been my dream to learn Hebrew, the original biblical language. It is the language of a nation that has miraculously reappeared on the world map after almost 2000 years in fulfilment of biblical prophecy, and the preservation and revival of this language is nothing short of a miracle itself! I very much want to be part of this marvel so I started to learn Hebrew online, but my progress was limited without a real-life teacher. I am very happy to have found Bito, a native Hebrew speaker and a very good teacher. I have been making good progress under his tutelage since I started studying with him a few months ago. Highly recommended!!! ”

Sik San (5-8/16)

“ I’m amazed at how much I’ve progressed in the Hebrew language these past 7 months, from knowing absolutely nothing at all to being able to speak, read and write. It’s a testament to the effectiveness of THA’s teaching. You want to learn the language? You’ll find yourself diving straight into the waters, head on practicing and learning progressively from the start. It’s challenging, but very rewarding. It was a very customised experience, tailored to our individual needs. Our sessions were highly hands-on and focused – just what we needed to learn the language in such a short time. The teaching materials were also comprehensive and systematic. If you want to learn Hebrew effectively in a short amount of time, having classes at THA will surely not disappoint.”

Sylvester ,Hope Church (10-12/15)

“ I’ve been interested in learning Hebrew for quite a while but wondered whether I could really do it. After seeing the Hebrew Academy card at a recent Israeli film festival, I decided to go for it. I’m SO glad I did! Three months of Basic 1 flew by, and now I have a good foundation in reading, writing and listening. Bito created an incredibly supportive and fun environment from the first day when we started off by learning the alphabet. He has a genuine passion for teaching and is committed to helping us succeed. The pace of learning was quick but didn’t feel overwhelming, especially since he and his teaching staff were available even by text for questions about the material and to be sure that those who might have missed a class were kept up. I’m excited to be continuing with Basic 2 and look forward to more improvement. I highly recommend The Hebrew Academy! “

Brenda (1-3/2017)

“ The Hebrew Academy has given me an entirely new level of understanding and appreciation of the Hebrew language as well as the Jewish culture! The lessons are easy to follow and digest; and it really helped that the teachers are all very engaging and friendly. I recommend The Hebrew Academy as the school to go to for anyone serious about building a good foundation in Hebrew, a very beautiful language! “

Puay Puay (1-3/2017)

“ I have always wanted to learn Hebrew coz I think Hebrew is such a rich and meaningful language. Additionally, my mom and I love to visit Israel. So, I thought to myself… it would be really awesome if I could read and converse in Hebrew fluently. End of last year, my friends and I went to the “Open a Door to Israel” event at MBS and, lo and behold, someone from the Hebrew Academy Singapore was there to give out namecards. Without much consideration, I signed up for Hebrew Basic Course 1. I’m so glad I did! ^^ The teachers at Hebrew Academy Singapore were ever ready to answer and explain any question that I had related to what was taught in class. They were just a Whatsapp Message away! I have truly enjoyed Hebrew Basic Course 1 and have learned a great deal! Thank you The Hebrew Academy! “

Tham Helmie (1-3/2017)

“The Hebrew language seems daunting initially, but the academy provides an excellent environment for instruction, guided practices and lively Q&As. A necessary learning stop to read and speak this amazing language. ”

Alvin Ang (1-3/2017)

“ Dedicated. Passionate. Professional. These are some of the qualities I found in the teachers for Hebrew Basic 1. The classes were intense but enjoyable. Our teachers strived to maximise our learning from every class, always encouraging us to ask questions and often going the extra mile for each student to help us all succeed in learning the language, regardless of our backgrounds and abilities. I thank Bito and his team for an excellent learning experience.”

Timothy Ang (1-3/2017)

“ I enjoyed the Hebrew Basic 1 course very much. The lectures are very friendly and personal in following up on my progress. I have benefited much from the course, applying the knowledge learnt in reading the Bible in Hebrew. “

John Tan (1-3/2017)

“ The teachers that taught us Hebrew Basic 1 were dedicated, Patient and ever so helpful. Through the systematic and progressive teaching, I am thankful to learn some basics of the language. Indeed it has been a fruitful learning experience for me and opens my eyes to a new culture. Thank you Very much. “

Mr. Lai (1-3/2017)

“ I joined The Hebrew Academy Basic 1 on the 11 January 2017 and completed the 12 weeks class with a great sense of achievement. Prior to joining the class, I have totally zero Hebrew knowledge. But I must thank the 3 passionate teachers Bito, Daniel and Reut for patiently sowing the knowledge of Hebrew language into me. Under their guidance, they have enabled me to learn the language in a less stressful manner from what I’ve thought it would be. The lessons include class interaction with others; reading and writing the texts and also the introduction of Hebrew song have been extremely helpful in the process of learning. The Hebrew class has kept me excited about learning each time. I am so looking forward to the upcoming Hebrew basic 2 class. For those who have an interest to learn Hebrew, hesitate no more! Come join in the class and enjoy the learning journey guided by the wonderful teachers here.”

Jolene Ho (1-3/2017)